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Practical solutions for clean renewable energy production.

Best-of-Breed Technology Solutions

Across the globe, demand for energy is accelerating on a daily basis. The demand for alternative energy sources is outpacing the global market. Clean, reusable, and affordable solar power is increasingly being recognized worldwide as the leading alternative energy source for the 21st century.

Lifeline Energy offers "Best-Of-Breed", affordable clean technology solutions for commercial, residential, and governmental deployment. We see energy as an environmental issue with implications of global proportion. At Lifeline; we strive to reduce the effects of global warming and environmental degradation by enabling the mass market to obtain clean and reliable solar energy in an economically viable way.

We specialize in "On–Grid" systems utilizing high performance poly and mono crystalline modules and high- tech inverters offering an exceptional array of features including stability, capacity and power-generating endurance over multiple applications. Our objective is to complement proven solar components, by bundling enhanced emerging self generation technologies to increase system performance, efficiency, and energy production yield. Our systems are modular, flexible, and easy to install and include all components necessary to turn your home into a "Green" home- silently converting sunlight into clean energy.