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The benefits of solar self generation = smart business.

Incentives and Rebates.
Tax Credit and Rebate Programs are available to help reduce energy use and promote development of renewable energy; and can many cases reduce the cost of implementation by as much as 30%-75%.

Eliminate or Reduce your Electric Bill.
Solar is cost-effective compared to utility power. When you install a solar PV system you’re essentially prepaying for 40 years of electricity at today’s rates. The more rates increase in the future, the more your savings will increase.

Hedge Increasing Energy and Electricity Costs
Turn variable volatile electricity costs into fixed costs to count on for decades to come. When you install a self generation system you secure 25 years of your energy future by locking your price at today’s rates protection from future increases. Let the projected forecast of rising energy costs be realized — as savings continue to increase with the rates.

Increased Ownership and Property Values.
Increase equity and higher property value without adding to property taxes in solar-friendly states.

Solar Electric Systems are reliable — 25 Years of Guaranteed Electricity.
A solar system requires very little maintenance and will produce clean, dependable electricity for the life of the system. Our Lifeline Energy solar panels PV carry a 25-year manufacturer warranty and your system has a 10-year warranty.

Earn energy credits for Future Demand.
At peak times of the day, your self generation system may generate more electricity than you use, allowing you to earn energy credits with your electric company for future use.

Protect the Environment and Secure your Energy Independence.
Self generated solar power reduces your dependence on fossil fuels thereby helping to protect the environment and dramatically reducing our carbon footprint. Solar electricity comes from the only true clean sustainable resource — the Sun. Your self generation system secures your supply so your energy needs will always be met.

Higher Efficiency Usage of Electricity.
The efficiency of fossil fuel electricity generation is stunningly low only converting about 35% of the energy produced into electricity; the other 65% is lost mostly in heat. While the efficiency is low for the individual solar cells themselves, the self generation energy system is quite efficient and virtually limitless and available globally.

Reduce Overall HVAC costs and Roof Deterioration.
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) costs are dramatically reduced as a result of a the shade provided by a commercial roof-top system, which reduces the building’s heat absorption and load in turn driving down operating cost. The shade also provides a benefit to the rooftop by reducing the harmful effects of UV radiation thus extending the life of the roof.