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How it works

Harness the power of the sun for your business with Lifeline Energy.

Every Lifeline Energy solar energy system has five major components; each play an integral role in powering your energy needs.

1. Solar Modules.

Solar Modules are the principal component of the system; when multiple modules are connected together they create a solar array. The larger the array the more electricity your solar energy system produces. These are mounted on the rooftop of your business in clear view of the sun. The sunlight is directly converted into DC power through solar cells in the AC PV panels.

(Interesting added benefit; solar modules reduce heat absorption by your home minimizing the need for air conditioning.)

2. Solar Inverter.

The DC power generated by the solar modules enters the "power" inverter and is then converted from DC power (direct current) to AC power (alternating current), the same type of electricity that is being sent by the utility grid and used by homes and businesses in America.

3. Breaker Panel

Before the AC power reaches your business, its received by the electrical service panel then distributed to any electrical loads throughout your business.

4. Utility Grid.

The utility grid is controlled by your electric company and it provides electricity automatically when needed — if your solar energy system generates more power than you use, your utility meter passes excess through your meter and back into the utility grid.

In turn, you create the ‘NET-EFFECT’ where your meter spins backwards and you gain the credit from your utility company.

NET-EFFECT (Net Metering)
Net metering enables customers that produce excess power through their own generation to spin their meters backwards and feeds power back to the grid offsetting their consumption over a billing period. There are currently over 44 states throughout the U.S. that offer net-metering.

Click here to see if your State is participating.