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Solar self generation makes perfect $cents.

A Lifeline Energy solar self generation solution for your home is a simple and affordable way to have more control over your energy expenses and help protect the environment. By using power generated from the sun, you reduce your carbon footprint through the consumption of clean, reliable electricity generated from a renewable "self generated" source.

The production of reliable, clean power reduces the burning of fossil fuels and contributes to a healthier environment. Your Lifeline Energy solar system is quiet, operates automatically, requires very little maintenance and needs no fuel except sunshine!

What better way to have a positive impact on your personal finances, than to be a responsible "green consumer"?

Benefits at a glance:

  • Reduce your monthly electric bill
  • Protect against rising electricity expense
  • Increase the equity value of your home
  • Protect the planet by generating "clean green" energy
  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • Add more clean energy to the grid

In addition to all of these intrinsic benefits, there are many local, state, and national rebates and incentives offered to make your solar self generation system even more affordable.

Financial incentives overview:

  • Federal Tax Credit: Take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit which puts money back in your pocket to reduce cost of ownership. Residential systems qualify for a tax credit of 30% of the cost of your solar self generation system.
  • State Rebates: If your state offers a rebate for residential solar systems, you can greatly reduce cost of ownership; or even potentially receive a cash payment for the amount of electricity you produce.
  • Property Tax Exemption: Benefit from the increased value solar self generation adds to your home without paying more property taxes in solar friendly states.
  • Net Metering: Net metering offsets your utility bill when you generate your own solar electricity, you even get a credit from your utility company if you produce more than you use; that you can apply to current and future electricity bills.
  • Turnkey Financing: Lifeline Energy provides a simple financing solution to help you afford the upfront cost of a solar system with minimal "out of pocket expense"; our focus is on immediate return on investment in which savings obtained as a reduction in your electric bill helps to offset any finance cost.

Extended advantages of a Lifeline Energy solar self generation system:

  • Eliminate or reduce your electric bill: Solar is cost-effective compared to utility power. When you install a solar system you’re prepaying for 40 years of electricity at today’s rates. The more rates increase in the future, the more your savings will increase.
  • Hedge Against Increasing Energy and Electricity Costs: Turn variable “volatile” electricity costs into fixed costs to count on for decades to come. When you install a self generation system you secure 25 years of your energy future by locking your price at today’s rates protection from future increases. Let the projected forecast of rising energy costs be realized – as savings continue to increase with the rates.
  • Increased Ownership and Property Values: Increase home equity and higher property value without adding to property taxes in solar-friendly states.
  • Solar Electric Systems are Reliable - 25 Years of Guaranteed Electricity: A solar system requires very little maintenance and will produce clean, dependable electricity for the life of the system. Our solar panels carry a 25-year manufacturer warranty and your system has a 10-year warranty.
  • Earn energy credits for Future Demand: At peak times of the day, your solar self generation system may generate more electricity than you use, allowing you to earn energy credits with your electric company for future use.
  • Protect the Environment and Secure your Energy Independence: Self generation solar power reduces your dependence on fossil fuels thereby helping to protect the environment and dramatically reducing our carbon footprint. Solar electricity comes from the only true clean sustainable resource — the Sun. Your solar self generation system secures your supply so your energy needs will always be met.
  • Higher Efficiency Usage of Electricity: The efficiency of fossil fuel electricity generation is stunningly low only converting about 35% of the energy produced into electricity; the other 65% is lost mostly in heat. While the efficiency is low for the individual solar cells themselves, the self generation energy system is quite efficient and virtually limitless and available globally.