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Turnkey financing for solar self generation.

Lifeline Energy has established partnership relationships and special programs with the top-tiered financial institutions to support simple and cost effective financing for your solar system. In the majority of situations Lifeline Energy programs are designed so that your monthly savings and rebates benefits will offset any applicable financing expense. Depending on your individual consumption, solar parameters, and available incentives in your local market; you may even generate a positive cash flow from the start, by saving more on your utility bill than you pay for your new solar self generation system.

With the inevitable rise in the costs of traditional electricity, your cash flow will get even better over time; making solar self generation a smart long term investment with ever increasing return.

Benefits of Lifeline Energy Finance Program:

  • Multiple financing options unique for your needs
  • Flexible terms and local market support
  • Expert advisement for the application of Rebates and Incentives

To learn more about how you can take advantage of the Lifeline Energy solar finance program, please contact a local Distributor today!