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Self generation gives the power to YOU.

The time is now to take control of all of your energy needs — true "energy independence". A Lifeline Energy "self generation" system gives you the power to control your needs and hedge against rising energy prices. With the current economy and rising energy costs, homeowners are increasingly concerned about the costs associated with personal consumption.

Investing in your home energy needs is a secure investment with not only environmental benefits, but many economic benefits as well. Over the course of a system’s life you can save thousands of dollars to the bottom line and also dramatically increase your property value (approximately $20 per every $1 of annualized savings from your solar system). As an extended advantage; solar-friendly states provide for a property tax exemption of the higher appraised property value.

Lifeline Energy provides YOU with "the power" to reduce your monthly electric bill by more than 35%, increase your property value, and have long-term return on investment with a self-generation energy solution. The best part with all these benefits; you are helping to improve and protect the environment as a responsible "green consumer".

A Lifeline Energy solar system gives YOU the POWER to choose independence.