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Return on Investment Engineering (ROIE): solar self generation.

A Lifeline Energy solar self generation solution is a smart and affordable way to power your commercial facilities.

Lower your operating costs, hedge against the rising costs of electricity generated from fossil fuels, and show your customers your commitment to the environment.

Why go solar?

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Hedge against rising costs of electricity
  • Increase business value
  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • Add more clean energy to the grid
  • Show your customers you care about the environment

Commercial and industrial consumers whose utility rates are usually based upon demand stand to benefit from the addition of a solar self generation system. Facilities that consume a large amount of electricity can cut their utility costs by implementing solar technology to offset or replace energy consumption. In addition, small business owners and nonprofit organizations can also benefit from solar integration and energy conservation. Lifeline Energy provides comprehensive consultation expertise to develop a custom solution for commercial application.

With excellent federal and state incentive programs currently available, now is the time to consider the incorporation of solar energy. Lifeline Energy helps you simplify this endeavor by guiding you through the entire process; from site analysis and system design, to installation and monitoring.

Financial Benefits at a Glance:

  • Net metering: Net metering offsets your electric bill through self generated solar electricity; you even get a credit from your power company if you produce more than you use for application to future utility billing.
  • State Rebates: In states which offer a rebate for commercial solar systems, qualified commercial customers can receive a cash payment for the amount of electricity produced during the rebate period.
  • Federal Tax Credit: Take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit for immediate cost offset benefits. Commercial systems qualify for a tax credit of 30% of the value of the solar system.
  • Property Tax Exemption: Benefit from the increased value solar adds to your business without paying more property taxes. Solar electric systems are exempt from property taxes in many solar-friendly states.
  • Power Purchasing Agreement: For larger solar systems, flexible energy purchase solutions are available, allowing your company to benefit from solar electricity without making the up-front investment.

For more information on how a solar solution can provide value for your unique business situation, please contact us today.