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On Grid Systems

Maximize energy savings — make the sun work for you!

With a Lifeline Energy grid-connected solar system, the sun’s energy is collected by the mono-crystalline solar panels and converted into DC electricity. The invertor turns the DC electric current from the solar panels and converts it to AC electrical current, powering your household appliances.

A Lifeline Energy residential on-grid system enables a homeowner to generate some or all of their daily electrical energy demand on their own roof, exchanging daytime excess power for future energy needs (i.e. nighttime usage).

The best part is that any extra electricity not used is redistributed to the power grid, giving you a credit towards your utility bill.

Financial savings + environmental responsibility = GREEN

  • Your solar powered generation system benefits you with lowered utility bills.
  • Benefits your community by lowering the load on your current energy provider.
  • Increased home valuation with the benefit of self generation.
  • And most importantly benefits the environment by keeping pollutants out of the air.

Off Grid Systems

Energy independence and power generation flexibility.

A Lifeline Energy off-grid system is traditionally utilized as a "Stand-alone power system" for locations that are not fitted with on-grid electricity distribution. Most often implemented in remote locations, provides for electricity generation, energy storage, and power regulation. A basic off-grid system consists of a solar energy system, which generates DC power, a battery bank that stores the DC power, and an inverter. Our inverter is the intelligent center of a renewable energy system, seamlessly converting DC power to clean and reliable AC electricity for your needs.

When the sun is up, the solar panels generate power to charge batteries and provide electricity. At night, the inverter/charger automatically runs your electrical equipment from your battery bank. The generator provides additional back-up battery charging capability for extended periods of cloudy weather. The inverter/charger can automatically start the generator and initiate a recharge cycle when the battery bank is depleted, or a load is too large for the batteries to support independently. You can even have a connection to the grid should you want to use utility power.